Potential postdoctoral research opportunity in the GVL

Postdoctoral Opportunity in the Genomic Variation Laboratory (contingent upon funding)

The Genomic Variation Laboratory at the University of California Davis seeks a highly motivated postdoctoral scholar to study polyploid sturgeon genomics. The postdoc will take a lead role in the sequencing and assembly of the white sturgeon genome and transcriptome, in collaboration with the UC Davis Bioinformatics Core. New long read sequencing platforms/chemistries such as the Nanopore PromethION and PacBio IsoSeq are finally allowing geneticists to tackle large and highly duplicated sturgeon genomes. The white sturgeon is an ancestral octoploid (8N) and a preliminary assembly effort by the GVL using the 10X Genomics linked read approach was insufficient to phase duplicated regions. The goal of the project is to develop an annotated reference genome that can be used by the commercial caviar industry to develop a marker assisted selection program. The postdoc working on this project would have the opportunity to work directly with sequencing and bioinformatic experts at the UC Davis Genome Center as well as farm managers from the commercial industry in California and Idaho. There may be an opportunity to participate in initial development of the selection program, if time allows. Interaction with an international collaborator working on a genome/transcriptome of the 8N lake sturgeon is also possible (contingent upon their funding).

This two-year position will be contingent upon the receipt of a grant from the USDA NIFA Aquaculture Research Program, which should be announced sometime in August. Funding will begin in September 2019 and the anticipated start date for a postdoc would be September/October/November 2019 (exact date negotiable). The postdoc will be co-mentored by Dr. Andrea Schreier (GVL) and Dr. Daphne Gille (California Department of Fish and Wildlife) and join a large laboratory focused on using genetic and genomic tools to manage/conserve fish and wildlife populations and increase aquaculture sustainability. Our lab is a safe space that values diversity. Please explore our website to learn more about the lab, its members, and the many projects we have in progress.


Applicants should have a PhD in ecology, evolution, genomics, bioinformatics, or a related field. We are looking for an independent and collaborative scientist with excellent communication skills and a strong interest in publication. We are especially interested in applicants proficient in Linux with previous experience analyzing large, high throughput sequencing datasets. Prior experience with polyploidy is a plus, but not required.

How to Apply

To apply, please email to Andrea Schreier (amdrauch@ucdavis.edu) a brief cover letter describing your interest in the project and joining the GVL, CV (including contact info for 3 references), and 2-3 published papers or manuscripts in preparation. Please specifically indicate in the cover letter or CV the date (month and year) that the one’s PhD was/will be issued.