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$89,045 Kern Community Foundation Grant

The Conservation Genetics Fund supports the Genomic Variation Laboratory (GVL) at UC Davis. Your donation supports both quality science that informs species conservation and the students that generate that science.

The Genomic Variation Laboratory works with fish and wildlife managers to help answer questions essential for species conservation. For example, our work helps define species and their phylogenetic relationships and informs the genetics of reintroduction efforts. We study topics such as evolution, population genetic structure, community structure, hybridization, genetic management of captive populations and reintroductions, and polyploidy, to name a few. We also develop tools and protocols that can be used by other research groups to answer conservation and management related questions.

Our lab trains undergraduate and graduate students in many different molecular biological techniques, preparing them for a wide variety of careers. Andrea Schreier is very supportive of career development and encourages her students to attend conferences, participate in internships, and network with agency biologists. We also host visiting researchers from outside the university to work with us in our lab.

Ways to Make a Donation:

  1. Online: Donate through the secure UC Davis donation website HERE.
  2. By Mail: Mail your check made out to “University of California Regents” to Andrea Schreier, 2235 Meyer Hall, 1 Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616. Please email Andrea Schreier to let her know the check is coming.
  3. Learn more about making a donation: Contact Dr. Andrea Schreier through email or phone (530) 752-0664.