Interested in joining the GVL?

Alisha and Daphne sampling Brian M and sucker from GVL website ISS6 sturgeon release

We are currently seeking highly motivated, enthusiastic and collaborative graduate students to join our lab.  Dr. Andrea Schreier will be taking students for the 2015 academic year through the Ecology or Integrative Genetics and Genomics graduate groups.  Are you interested in applying molecular tools to help conserve and manage wild and captive populations?  Are you interested in using these tools to improve the sustainability of commercial aquaculture, thereby reducing pressure on wild stocks?  If so, the GVL might be the lab for you!

Students in our lab are typically supported by GSRs and teaching assistantships although we encourage all incoming students to apply broadly for fellowship support (e.g. NSF, EPA STAR).  As our program is supported entirely by grant funding, we expect students to participate in writing proposals to fund their stipend and research.

If you are interested in joining the GVL, please send an email to Dr. Schreier ( describing your interest in the lab and briefly outlining your prior research experience.  We look forward to hearing from you!